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Friday, 24 June 2016

Teaching Vocabs with Tic-Tac-Toe Grids!

Roller English
Tic-Toc-Toe is a quick game to learn or review new vocabulary or language concepts.

Instead of playing with the traditional circle and crosses, replace the circles and crosses with vocabulary or concepts you want the children to learn or review. 

For example, you can replace them with emotions! Here, player 1 is sad and player 2 is happy. 

It's very easy to create a tic-tac-toe grid for your own teaching purposes. There are many free general tic-tac-toe templates that you can find through Google. If you are looking for more personalized grids, you  can easily create your own 3x3 grid using Microsoft word or powerpoint. Alternatively, you can draw on paper or even the whiteboard as a group activity (Teacher vs Students!). 

How To Play
1. Distribute the premade tic-tac-toe templates to the class. 

2. Partner up the class. Each player will be assigned one vocabulary word to represent them in the game, for example, 'sad'. 

3. The players take turns to choose a square with the aim to score three in a row. 

4. Before occupying the square by drawing the related vocabulary (eg. sad face for the word 'sad), they must do the following tasks:

•   Spell out the selected vocabulary. (eg. s-a-d.)
•   Make a sentence using the selected vocabulary (eg. I am not sad today.)


•   Instead of using vocabulary, you can use it to review grammar concepts. For example, to review the concept of prefixes and suffixes, one player can be responsible for prefixes while another player can be responsible for suffixes. In order to occupy the square, they must say one prefix/suffix, make a sentence as well as spell/draw it on the square. 

Click here to download a FREE Emotions tic-tac-toe template!

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