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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Top 5 Ways to Use Bananagrams

Roller English
Bananagrams Games for Kindergarten and Elementary Kids

Bananagrams is an adorable well-loved game by children. Letter tiles are zipped in a banana bag and the simplicity of the games allows for endless game variations. Here are my personal favorite ways of using Bananagrams for kindergarten and early elementary children. 

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1. “Make a cross”

Start with a letter tile in the middle, then ask your kids to build and extend beyond! For young kids who are not familiarized with spelling any word more than 3 letters, I usually put a letter tile in the middle then ask them add one tile on each side to create two three-letter words aka to "make a cross". 

2. Scatter Scatter
Scatter all the letter tiles on the floor – whoever finds the first “A” or “B”…”C”…”D” wins!

3. Square
Or you could make a square out of the tiles and ask your students to write down the list of words they can spell with them.

And…for the last two, these are my most frequently used ones. I came up with these myself as I was really trying to put every penny spent on Bananagrams into good use. (Please note that the products do not represent the Bananagrams company in any way or form. They are simply products that MAY be used alongside the Bananagrams product.)

4. Word Builder Cards
Kids can build 3-5 letter words using these templates. Each card shows 1 picture, there's a hard version and an easy version. For the easy version, the top right corner shows the spelling in small font size so younger kids can find the letters accordingly. The hard version? No words are spelled.

5. Artsy up! 
Love this! Let your kids search for the beginning sounds of the picture and place the letter tiles accordingly. A for Apple, B for Bag and C for car... it's a matching game that gets the kids recognizing alphabets in no time.

Now...go have some fun with these very cute Bananagrams!

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