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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Reading Aloud Texts

Books are often the go-to, for improving or reviewing reading skills. But, pure text cards are sometimes a nice alternative. Without the distraction of pictures, cards with text alone give kids some time to focus on and interact with the letters, words and the language.There's no guessing the story from pictures but children would have to rely purely on the language itself to develop an understanding of the paragraph.

It's a quick method to check upon your students' reading skill and see how he or she is doing with understanding texts. 

How to use? (Very simple!)

1. Read the text together first!
•   I usually start with title and cover all the texts below, and ask the student to guess what he thinks the text will be about. It encourages the student to express his or her thoughts and most importantly, encourages creativity! 

2. Question time
•   The text cards are designed to facilitate asking of WH- and How questions. 
•   For example...the card below describes the winter, with each sentence afterwards featuring a different verb and action. Questions you may ask your student, include "Why do you wear thick clothes in winter?", "What do you drink during winter?", etc. 

Click here to download the FREE material.

The text is written all in present tense and simple grammar and structure. I use the material for my ESL students, who are usually aged 5-8. Depending on your students' reading skills which can vary a lot for ESL students, the material use can be used for younger or older students beyond the suggested age range. 

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