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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Taboo game - shhhh don't say it

Roller English
Taboo -  Get out of the 'comfort-vocab' zone
Perfect game to play after teaching new vocabs!
I find it great in forcing students outside their 'comfort' vocabulary - using words they don't normally use. 

(For those who are not familiar with Taboo, it's a word guessing game. You play in 2+ teams or even just 2 players. Each player in a team takes turn playing the 'describer' role.The describer have their teammates or partners guess the word on his/her card without using the words listed on the card. The team who manages to make the most right guesses win. For instance, if I wanted to describe the word 'apple', some of the words listed on my card might be 'red' or 'fruit'. I must use words other than those to describe the word 'apple' to my team.)


What I recommend is...
  • Make your own cards with 2-3 taboo words.
  • Have themed card sets that fit according to the vocabulary you teach. For instance, I have a set of 'utensil' cards including words like 'fork' and spoon that I use for teaching utensil vocabulary. 

I'll upload a freebie version soon so stay in touch:)

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