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Friday, 13 June 2014

FREEBIE - Make your own Pronoun Car

Roller English
Let your kids make their own car! It might not be your typical educational stuff, but just perfect for the summer holiday! 

Although...if you are keen for educational benefits, the car can also be transformed into a pronoun car that teaches subject and object pronouns. 

How it works: Use this freebie car to teach subject and object pronouns!

Step 1. 

Print out the car and wheels and cut them. 

Step 2. 
There are 4 windows. Use these windows to represent the 4 different subject pronouns: he, she, it, they or the 4 object pronouns: him, her, it, them. Draw a boy, a girl, more than 2 people, and an object in each of the windows. 

Step 3. 
Then, tell your student that you'd like them to follow your instructions to create your dream car. For instance, you might say: "Give her the smiley wheel." or "She wants the smiley wheel." Your student should recognize that the subject pronoun 'She' or object pronoun 'her' is used with a boy and stick the smiley face wheel to the wheel nearest the girl. 

Visit here!

But if you're looking for something cooler, 
you could opt for the subject pronoun MEGA-car!

More details...

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